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Types of Curly Hair

What is the type your curly hair? This is a question whose an answer will guide you in making various decisions about your hair. It will help you know the best products for your hair and the ideal hair care regime. We have four Types of Curly Hair 1, 2, 3 and 4. Hair type 1 is straight while type 2 is wavy with an S shape. On the other hand, types 3 and 4 are curly. Below are the properties of type 3 and 4 curly hair.

Type 3

Curly hair type 3 has a wavy look when wet, but it gets curly as it starts to dry out. It is bouncy, has a body, and it shines. It is high in luster and thus easy to style with the use of minimal products.


It has defined spirals with the largest diameter. It is shiny meaning that it is high in luster. Normally 3A hair type does not do well with curly hair products, curling creams, and leave in conditioner. This is because they make the hair look wavy and not curly. Lightweight conditioners are the best for this hair type. As the hair grows, it gets an S shape because of weight.


3B is almost similar to 3A. The difference is that the curls of 3B are smaller and tighter than those of 3A. This is where type 3 starts being frizzy and puffy. To avoid the frizz, use lightweight curling cream and leave in conditioners.


3C has the tightest and smallest curls under type 3 category. The curls seem, like a corkscrew. It’s also unique in that instead of starting to grow down. It grows up. 3C is highly prone to frizz. Use a leave-in conditioner to avoid crunchy curls and to maintain its shine.

Type 4

Type 4 hair curls are very small such that they are normally called coils. A coil is simply a tighter type of the normal curl. Unlike type 3, type 4 hair requires extra work when it comes to styling. It has a little body, and it is low in luster. With the help of oil-based products, type 4 gets good elasticity, a good amount of sheen, and it gets soft.


The curl pattern of 4A is quite visible. This hair can shrink as much as half its length when dry. Wash and go styles work well for this hair though it requires the use of products to keep its curls moisturized and defined.


This hair type may or may not have a visible curling pattern. The curls might be S-shaped or Z-shaped or both. Styling butter and light gels can be used twist the hair when it is damp.


It has the tightest curls. Therefore, you need to use a wide-toothed comb when detangling. It also has the highest shrinkage when dry. Use various methods to stretch the hair before you style it. Water-based products are the best for hydrating 4C hair while oil-based products seal in the moisture.

Hair types are not mutually exclusive therefore you might have a combination of two hair types. Whichever type of curly type you have, embrace it, take proper care of it and style it with confidence. All curls are beautiful.

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