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What Marketing Strategy is Right for Your Business

Every business entity should develop its own marketing strategies which should conform to generally accepted principles. A good business plan should be in place before one should start a business to be able to create an advantage over its competitors.

Marketing strategies vary through time. Though some policies used long ago may still be applied today, there are always innovations to promote and sell your products. In the new millennium, there are new approaches that have been researched and proven to be effective in marketing your products in the biggest venues.

While millennial businessmen are starting their millennial businesses with millennial approaches, it is still advisable that these methods of advertising or promoting products and services should be taken into consideration by millennial businessmen of today.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is the oldest way to sell your product. By personally selling your product, you meet your customers face to face. They may praise your product or criticize it in front of you. Either way, you have the first-hand information on where you can improve your product. The disadvantage may be is that you may not be able to cover more miles as you wish you would.

Through Print Media

Posters are still widely used today, but it may take the largest companies to have all its advertisement posted in many places. Print media may have broader coverage but may only be limited to one country and may have a select audience. Print ads may cost you a lot of money.

Through Broadcast Media

The importance of radio in these times has gone down immensely so using it for promoting your platform may not be efficient approach unless you are targeting a small area. T.V. may have wider coverage, and you can have a paid advertisement that can connect to viewers. Big companies still broadcast paid ads, but airtime is very expensive.

Through Social Media

One of the newer approaches that people in business use nowadays is social media. Through Facebook and Instagram, they promote their products and services. Though social media can help, it may only be limited to a circle of people you know. Though advertising your merchandise on Facebook is free, it may take time for others not in your circle to know about your platform unless your friends will be helping you in spreading the news about your product.

Through the Internet

The internet is one of the most significant discoveries in the recent past. It has made great contributions in many fields such as in communication. Used as a potent device for companies in their marketing strategies through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is creating many possibilities for businesses. Many businesses have already designed their operations to conform to these innovations. It is now a question of; is your company using SEM, or do you employ an SEM team to work for you or to you who is more innovative, you may now be thinking how to start your own SEM business.

You may pay a considerable sum of money for using SEM, but you may also pay nothing. By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can increase your engine ranking that will result in greater viewership of your platform by not having to pay. SEO is a component of SEM.

Each of the marketing strategies above may have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you dream to conquer the

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How Startup Accelerator Can Advance Your Business

The function of an accelerator is to provide a startup company with funds, mentorship, working space, a network of other entrepreneurs, and an opportunity to pitch to potential investors, all in exchange for equity in the company.

Hundreds of thousands of passionate entrepreneurs get accepted into various accelerator programs every year, where they spend the first few months growing their business. Besides the funding, networking and mentorship, entrepreneurs are taught how to convince potential investors that they have a solid business idea and plan.

Read on and check out the Tech.co article as well to find out how exactly a startup accelerator can help you advance your business.

The process

Creating Connections

A startup accelerator offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect with like-minded investors and entrepreneurs in their local area. Many entrepreneurs at the end of the program leave away with friends, possible investors and potential partnerships, all of which serve as a great boon to their startup.

Imagine working beside other entrepreneurs who think like you. Their ideas alone are enough to take your business to a whole new level. You could benefit from their creativity intelligence, or take a lesson or two from their persistence and hard work. Some of the people you meet during the program would someday end up as your employers, employees or that important link to a company or investor.

Expanding your viewpoint

These programs are filled with people who are NOT afraid to drive some new insights into you. These are the people who’ll look at your original idea from all possible angles, analyze them, and thereafter help you think bigger if you haven’t been doing that already.

They are the people you need to free your startup from the limitations in your imagination.

An accelerator will look at your company and help you find answers to questions like:

Who’s your target audience? Does the product you sell have any value to your audience to make them pay for it? Is the product priced right? Are you headed in the right direction? Or is there a better way you should be doing this?

An Opportunity to Practice Your Pitch and get critiqued beforehand

Whatever you do, don’t let potential investors be the first people to draw holes in your idea. Not when an accelerator can offer you an opportunity to pitch your ideas in front of proficient investors and entrepreneurs.

If NOT for anything else, you could greatly benefit from the unbiased feedback you get from the ‘mock’ investors.

An Opportunity to Checkout Competition

An accelerator will offer you a unique opportunity to look into the competition closing in.

Whether you’re planning to participate in person or remotely, an accelerator program will help you watch and evaluate the pitches from other startups, as you take valuable lessons from the various ways by which they tackle the tough questions.

This is how startup accelerator can advance your business. But still, you have to bear in mind that the program doesn’t guarantee funding. An accelerator may NOT be your ultimate solution, but there’s a whole lot you can benefit if only you made that first step that involves enrolling in one.

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