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What Marketing Strategy is Right for Your Business

Every business entity should develop its own marketing strategies which should conform to generally accepted principles. A good business plan should be in place before one should start a business to be able to create an advantage over its competitors.

Marketing strategies vary through time. Though some policies used long ago may still be applied today, there are always innovations to promote and sell your products. In the new millennium, there are new approaches that have been researched and proven to be effective in marketing your products in the biggest venues.

While millennial businessmen are starting their millennial businesses with millennial approaches, it is still advisable that these methods of advertising or promoting products and services should be taken into consideration by millennial businessmen of today.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is the oldest way to sell your product. By personally selling your product, you meet your customers face to face. They may praise your product or criticize it in front of you. Either way, you have the first-hand information on where you can improve your product. The disadvantage may be is that you may not be able to cover more miles as you wish you would.

Through Print Media

Posters are still widely used today, but it may take the largest companies to have all its advertisement posted in many places. Print media may have broader coverage but may only be limited to one country and may have a select audience. Print ads may cost you a lot of money.

Through Broadcast Media

The importance of radio in these times has gone down immensely so using it for promoting your platform may not be efficient approach unless you are targeting a small area. T.V. may have wider coverage, and you can have a paid advertisement that can connect to viewers. Big companies still broadcast paid ads, but airtime is very expensive.

Through Social Media

One of the newer approaches that people in business use nowadays is social media. Through Facebook and Instagram, they promote their products and services. Though social media can help, it may only be limited to a circle of people you know. Though advertising your merchandise on Facebook is free, it may take time for others not in your circle to know about your platform unless your friends will be helping you in spreading the news about your product.

Through the Internet

The internet is one of the most significant discoveries in the recent past. It has made great contributions in many fields such as in communication. Used as a potent device for companies in their marketing strategies through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is creating many possibilities for businesses. Many businesses have already designed their operations to conform to these innovations. It is now a question of; is your company using SEM, or do you employ an SEM team to work for you or to you who is more innovative, you may now be thinking how to start your own SEM business.

You may pay a considerable sum of money for using SEM, but you may also pay nothing. By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can increase your engine ranking that will result in greater viewership of your platform by not having to pay. SEO is a component of SEM.

Each of the marketing strategies above may have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you dream to conquer the

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How to Become A Marketing Specialist

When it comes to Multi Level Marketing or Network marketing, there is simply a lot to discover for the novice. But if you are among those people who have mastered the art of marketing, you might wish to break away from the industry itself and make money by just speaking with individuals and companies themselves.


Now, one can not simply presume that he or she can become a Marketing specialist. There are certain aspects that one has to consider prior to getting out of the industry and directing others to success. Here are some of the aspects that will qualify you to be an expert.

Experience – If you have been in the market for the longest time, this may be a factor behind why you might want to become a consultant. There are some experts who have 5 to 10 years experience in the industry. There are those who have even had more than 20 years experience. If you believe that you have the ideal experience when it comes to marketing, you may be able to make your own consulting business yourself.

Naturally, it means more than saying for how long you have been in the market. You will need to have had real experience as a prospect in the team, being a part of the up line and eventually being a representative also. By comprehending every level of the marketing structure and having belonged to it, will eventually lead to the decision of you becoming an expert.

Models – There are many designs out there. Some have been created personally by marketing masters while others have become somewhat of a standard over the decades that the marketing industry has been around. The important thing is that you know all the marketing platforms that are out there. You have to know which work, which ones are bound to fail, and also which ones are tough to deal with, however, can become a success. It is necessary that as a Marketing Consultant, you will be able to advise people or other network companies on how they will have the ability to fulfill success and how long it will take.

Training – Of course, if you are the Marketing Specialist, you will not require training. But you will certainly need to develop training courses and programs of your own. By ending up being a specialist, you are essentially introducing your very own type of strategy that can be a combination of years of experience and also understanding of the best practices in the market. You will be able to create your very own training programs that will certainly assist other companies end up being the success that they want to be. Tailor-fit the training programs according to the needs of these businesses. It is what a Marketing specialist does for the industry, and if you think you can do it, then you can easily earn a living off it.

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