Survival situations can happen, but they will never operate according to your schedule. These situations are quite inconvenient. In fact, they seem to occur at unexpected times. This brings to you a reality that you need to choose the best survival flashlight. Getting one is never difficult, and it is not expensive as you may have thought. The following are features to look for when choosing the best survival flashlight. When buying one, you need to keep this checklist.



This is a critical thing to consider. This is because a tactical flashlight is going to be exposed to worst using torchconditions and even manhandling. Rather than choosing cheaply made light, you need to carry out your homework and find the material that can protect the internal elements when it is dropped in water or on the ground. Thus, choose one that is waterproof and drop-resistant.

You can determine its durability by analyzing flashlight’s casing. Although plastic is one of the favorite materials, it is not the right one for a tactical flashlight. It is advisable to look for one that is either metal or just a blend of intense rubberized metal and plastic. They offer a protective barrier to sensitive electronics. Moreover, it should withstand abuse without cracking.

Battery type

After analyzing its durability, you need to check its battery and light. The majority of these items are advertised as survival ones. Unfortunately, most of them have obscure cell types which are found in specialty stores or online. There are several reasons manufacturers are using these types of batteries. Getting extra batteries during emergency situations is difficult. In fact, it is nearly impossible to get them. Thus, you are advised to purchase that use normal battery types such as AA and AAA.

You can go for alkaline batteries as they are cheaper, readily available, and have decent longevity and amount of power. Some tactical flashlights accept advanced batteries and alkaline ones. The only problem with the alkaline batteries is that they corrode when they get in contact with some elements.

Bulb Type

Bulb The major bulb types are LED and Incandescent. These are both tried and tested. It is advisable not to buy those with incandescent models as they are not brighter. The good thing with LED bulbs is that they are energy efficient.

In short, survival situations do not provide you with the luxury of time to weigh your options or time to think. Therefore, it is critical to prepare for such cases early in advance.

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