As with other opiates, getting off methadone can be a daunting journey. Methadone is one of the easiest drugs to get hooked on because doctors are now widely prescribing it as a pain medication. Methadone is also used to help addicts get off other drugs such as heroine. Thus, getting off methadone is necessary. If a person using methadone for clinical purposes in not carefully monitored, the person is likely to slip slowly into methadone addiction.

Forms of methadone

Pills which can be dissolved or swallowed. Liquids that patients can dilute and drink or inject into the body.

When a person initially starts abusing methadone, they experipillsence a certain level of high, though the high is not as highly euphoric as the one acquired from heroin. After subsequent uses, the person develops a tolerance, and they are likely to increase the dosage to experience the same high. Increasing the dose makes one develop a dependency on the drug and finally gets hooked.

Why is getting off methadone so hard?

  1. Methadone is tremendously difficult to detox because it’s highly addictive.
  2. Methadone has very harsh withdrawal symptoms because it’s users are already malnourished from using the drug.

Why is it important to get off methadone?


Destroyed relationships

Methadone addiction can lead to strained relationships with family members and friends. Addiction alters the brain chemistry and can completely change personalities of even the sweetest or kindest people turning them into unrecognizable, selfish and heartless people. Methadone addiction can turn once productive people into lazy, rude people who constantly under-perform at work. Most methadone abusers are only after the next high and end up with broken families and job losses.


Accidental deaths from methadone overdose have significantly become familiar in the last few years. Few people are oblivious to the potential danger of abusing taking syrupmethadone. The drug is also cheap, and a lot of doctors are prescribing it for non-chronic pain. Medical personnel should only prescribe methadone as a pain medication after a major surgery or severe accident.

A lot of people do not understand that abusing prescription medication is as dangerous as abusing common street drugs. Just because you dint buy it from a hooded dealer in a dark alley doesn’t make it less lethal. Most people try to get off the drug on their own, but the result is severe relapses, death or getting hooked on other drugs. If you need help getting off methadone, seeking the help of a rehab facility is the best option. There you will find qualified counselors that will help you in your recovery journey.

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